Best Solar Powered Pond Pumps for Your Garden

Are you looking for a cost-effective and eco-friendly way to enhance the aesthetics of your garden pond? While traditional electric pumps can be costly and add to your rising electricity bill, solar powered pond pumps provide an affordable and environmentally friendly alternative.


This article will provide you with information on solar powered pond pumps, including tips on how to choose the best one. Our  detailed analyses, will guide you in selecting the most suitable solar powered pond pump for you.

Solar powered pond pumps


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Advantages of Using Solar Powered Garden Pond Pumps

Garden ponds are a wonderful addition to any backyard, providing a fantastic environment for relaxation and enjoyment. However, keeping your pond clean and healthy can be a challenge, especially if you have fish or other aquatic animals living in it. This is where garden pond pumps come in, as they help to circulate and filter the water, keeping it clean and oxygenated.


Traditionally, garden pond pumps are powered by electricity, which can be expensive and may not be environmentally friendly. However, with the advancement of technology, solar powered garden pond pumps are now available, which offer many advantages over their traditional counterparts.


Environmentally Friendly

One of the biggest advantages of using a solar-powered garden pond pump is that it is environmentally friendly. Solar energy is a renewable resource that does not produce harmful pollutants or greenhouse gases, making it a sustainable and eco-friendly option. 



Solar powered garden pond pumps can be cost-effective in the long run. Although the initial cost of purchasing a solar-powered pump may be higher than a traditional electric pump, solar-powered pumps do not require electricity to operate, which means you can save money on your energy bills over time.


Easy to Install

The pump kits are easy to install, as they do not require any wiring or electrical connections. Simply place the pump in the water, and it will start working as soon as it receives sunlight.


Perfect for small fountains 

Solar garden pond pumps are ideal for small fountains as they do not require a lot of power to operate. They are perfect for creating a soothing and relaxing atmosphere in your garden or backyard.


Small and Discreet

They are easy to hide or camouflage in your garden. This makes solar pond pumps an ideal choice for those who want to maintain the aesthetic appeal of their garden.


Quiet  operation

Solar garden pond pumps operate quietly, which means you can enjoy the peaceful ambiance of your garden without any noise pollution. This also makes them a great choice for those who live in quiet neighbourhoods or apartments.

Disadvantages of Solar Powered Pond Pumps

While solar powered pond pumps offer several advantages, they also have some disadvantages, including:


Only Suitable for relatively small water features

Despite fast evolving technology solar powered pond pumps are still typically only suitable for small water features, such as fountains or small ponds.  They have limited ability to produce water flow and head height. Typically, even the more powerful solar-powered pumps only generate between 100-200 gallons per hour of water flow, which may not be enough to support a pond filtration system or serve as the main pump for a large water feature.


Cannot replace regular pond pump

They are not designed to replace regular pond pumps. They are best used as a supplement to regular pond pumps, particularly in smaller ponds or fountains.


Battery capacity limitation

Solar powered pond pumps rely on sunlight to operate, and their battery capacity can limit their operation when there is no sunlight available. This means they may not be as effective during cloudy days or at night when there is no sunlight to charge the battery. Once the sunlight fades, the battery takes over to power the pump. However, depending on the battery’s efficiency and size, it may only have enough energy to support a few hours of operation.

Types of solar pond pumps

There are two different types of solar pond pumps: air pumps and water pumps.


Solar Air Pumps

Solar air pumps are designed to circulate air in a pond. They are particularly useful in warm weather when the oxygen levels in the water can drop, potentially leading to fish deaths. By using solar energy to power the pump, pond owners can keep the air moving without adding to their electricity costs. The pump consists of a solar panel that collects energy from the sun and converts it into electrical power. 


Collected power is then used to operate a small air compressor that pumps air into the pond. The air bubbles that are created help to circulate the water, ensuring that the oxygen levels remain high and the fish stay healthy. Solar air pumps are relatively easy to install and require very little maintenance. They are also very quiet, making them ideal for small ponds.


Solar Water Pumps

Solar water pumps are designed to move water from one location to another. They are particularly useful in larger ponds where aeration alone may not be sufficient. The pump consists of a solar panel that collects energy from the sun and converts it into electrical power. The power is then used to operate a small water pump that moves the water.


There are two types of solar water pumps: submersible and surface. Submersible pumps are designed to be placed directly in the water, while surface pumps are placed outside the pond and connected to a hose that runs into the water. Solar water pumps are more powerful than solar air pumps, and they can be used to create water features such as fountains or waterfalls. They are also relatively easy to install and require very little maintenance. However, they are slightly louder than solar air pumps, which may be a consideration for some pond owners.

Consideration when choosing solar powered pond pump

There are several things to consider before you purchase solar powered pond pump. These include:


Pump power 

The pump should be powerful enough to circulate the entire volume of water in the pond at least once every two hours. This means you need to consider the water capacity of the pond as well as any water features you have.

Solar powered pumps are typically designed for ponds with a maximum size of 1000 gallons. However, they can also be used in larger ponds as a complementary feature if placed on a shallow shelf.


Sunlight exposure

Solar powered pumps rely on sunlight to operate, so you need to ensure that your pond receives enough sunlight to power the pump. If your pond is in a shaded area or doesn’t receive enough sunlight, a solar-powered pump may not be the best option.


Quality of Solar panel and battery

The quality of the solar panel and battery will impact the efficiency and reliability of the pump. It’s important to choose a pump with high-quality solar panels and a reliable battery to ensure optimal performance. To ensure your solar pump operates at night and on overcast days, you’ll need a solar battery with enough charge. A high-quality battery should provide approximately 3-5 hours of additional use after a full day of sunlight. If the pump kit doesn’t include a battery, you can easily purchase one separately and attach it to the solar panels.


Durability and maintenance

The pump should be durable and able to withstand outdoor conditions. Additionally, it should be easy to maintain and clean to ensure optimal performance over time.



Finally, consider the cost of the pump and whether it fits within your budget. While solar powered pumps can offer long-term cost savings on electricity bills, they may have a higher upfront cost compared to traditional electric pumps.

How to calculate needed pump power?   


To calculate the needed power of a pump for your pond, you will need to determine the volume of water in the pond and the desired flow rate.

Calculating the water capacity of a pond is easy. You just need to measure the length, width, and depth of the pond, and then multiply these numbers together. This will give you the total volume of water in the pond.


To choose the right pond pump, you need to consider the water capacity of the pond as well as any water features you have, such as fountains or waterfalls. As a general rule, the pump should be able to circulate the entire volume of water in the pond at least once every two hours. So, if your pond has a total water capacity of 1,000 gallons, you would need a pump with a flow rate of at least 500 gallons per hour. Additionally, if you have any water features, you may need to choose a pump with a higher flow rate to ensure adequate water circulation.

How to increase the efficiency of a solar powered pond pump

To increase the efficiency of your solar-powered pond pump, there are several things you can do:


Place solar panels in direct sunlight:

Position the solar panels in an area that receives the strongest sunlight, typically between 11am-3pm. This will ensure the panels generate the most energy possible.


Clean solar panels regularly:

Dirty solar panels can reduce the amount of sunlight that reaches the panels, reducing their efficiency. Regularly clean the panels to ensure optimal energy production.


Clean the solar pump:

Regularly cleaning the pump can prevent debris from clogging the pump, reducing its efficiency. This will ensure that the pump is working at its best.


Decrease fountain height:

A higher fountain height requires more energy from the pump. Reducing the height of the fountain can decrease the workload on the pump, making it more efficient.


Improve water quality:

Improving the quality of the pond water can reduce the workload on the pump. This can be done by adding plants that filter the water or using water treatments to prevent algae growth. This will reduce the amount of work the pump has to do, increasing its efficiency.

Recommended Solar Powered Pond Pumps

When it comes to buying a solar powered garden pond pump, there are a variety of options to choose from in the market. To assist you in making an informed decision, we have conducted extensive research and would like to present our recommendation to you:

Best solar pump for medium or larger garden ponds: 

Solariver Solar Water Pump 20W – (No Battery Backup)

The Solariver Solar Water Pump Kit 360+GHP is a reliable solution for moving large volumes of water without the need to connect to the grid. It’s ideal for a wide range of applications, such as large fountains, water features, ponds, streams, waterfalls, hydroponics, aquaponics, greenhouses, rainwater collection, animal troughs, natural pools, or any other place where water pumping is necessary and powering it with electricity is not feasible or desirable due to expensive energy bills.


The submersible brushless magnetic pump included in the kit is both durable and efficient, with a long lifespan of over 20,000 hours. It also features a removable pre-filter that prevents debris from clogging the impeller and is safe for fish, frogs, and other aquatic life.


The kit comes with a 20-watt solar panel that’s made of sturdy aluminium and includes a stake for easy installation. The panel can be placed up to 16 feet away from the pump using the included power cord. For even greater flexibility, an optional 16-foot extension cord is available for purchase, allowing you to place the panel even farther from the pump.



Peak power of Solar panel: 20W

Operational Voltage: 12V

Max. Pump Power:  9.5W

Max. Water lift Height: 5.9FT/ 1.80M

Max. Flow Rate: approx. 360 GPH 

Cable Length 16.4FT

No battery back up


This solar powered pond pump is among the more potent options available, making it a perfect choice for larger garden ponds and creating impressive fountains. However, it only operates efficiently in full sun, and it does not come with battery backup.

It is slightly undervalued in the UK market due to being shipped from the US, which increases the price. Nevertheless, it’s a great and quite powerful solar powered pump.


Aisitin 6.5 W solar pond pumps

Best solar pump for small or medium garden ponds: 

AISITIN 6.5W Solar Fountain

The AISITIN 6.5W Solar Fountain pump is an upgraded version of the previous model. It comes with a 6.5W solar panel, which allows the pump to work continuously even if the sunlight is weak. This model has a built-in 1500 mAh battery that stores solar energy and powers the pump, even after dark.



● Solar panel power: 10V 6.5W

● Solar panel size: 275 x 175mm

● Pump power: 9V 2.5W

● Battery: 7.4V 1500mAh rechargeable Li-ion (it should give you approx. 1-2 hrs when fully charged and sun is down)

● Maximum pump flow: 500L / H

● Maximum pump head: 180CM

● Maximum water spray height: 100CM

● Comes with 6 different nozzles to allow adjustment for different hights and requirements. 

● automatic shut-off protection stops the pump when out of water. 


The AISITIN 6.5W Solar Fountain comes with six different water spray devices that can meet your different requirements for the jet height or jet shape. It is perfect for a bird bath, aquarium, small pond, pool, garden, water circulation for oxygen, and other uses.

This solar powered pump has an automatic shut-off protection feature and will automatically stop when it is taken out of the water. This feature ensures that the pump has a longer lifespan. You should also clean the pump regularly to prevent the pump from being clogged.


In general, this pump is reasonably priced considering its specifications, making it a good option for small ponds or other water features. It performs well even in weak sunlight. This pump could benefit from a larger battery back-up. Nevertheless, AISTIN 6.5W Solar Fountain could be a great addition to your garden pond.

Best solar pump for small water features: 

AISITIN 5.5W LED Solar Fountain Pump with Colourful Lights and Battery

This AISITIN LED Solar Floating Fountain Water Pump has been upgraded to 5.5W solar panels that can work even in weak sunlight. It has 8 LED lights that automatically change into 8 different colours at night, and a 3000mAh battery that stores electricity during the day and works up to 6-8 hours at night.

The fountain also has 16 different water spray and nozzle styles, and it is suitable for bird baths, garden decoration, small ponds, and pools. The pump has built-in 3 anti-drift fix and a water-shortage protection function, as well as a filtration box to block dirt and dust. Before use, the product needs to be activated by putting it in water for 3 seconds.



  • Solar panel power 5.5W
  • Battery: 3.7V, 3000mAh
  • The maximum flow of the pump: approx. 300 – 400 L/H 
  • The maximum water spray height: 60cm (approx. 23inch)
  • 8 LED lights
  • works up to 6-8 hours at night (when fully charged)

This compact solar pump is ideal for various garden water features like bird baths and small water containers. It has a decent back up battery (works up to 8 hrs after dark) and includes LED lights for decorative purposes at night. However, the lights may not be very visible if the battery is not fully charged.

The pump is reasonably priced and it’s most suitable for small water features with fairly clean water to prevent filter getting blocked. 

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